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Value Management

The value management process seeks to satisfy the client’s needs by ensuring that all the necessary functions and facilities are achieved at the lowest possible cost whilst maximizing their performance.

This involves identifying aspects of the design in terms of the cost to construct and considering any benefits gained through the life cycle. It is our experience that early design stage value management workshops provide the best platform to achieve a reduction in capital cost. Typical value management workshops would include:

– Analysing and reviewing the project brief with the client to generate alternative ideas on how to achieve the client’s requirements.
– Identifying value-for-money solutions and cost savings that maintain the scope of works through the introduction of efficiencies.
– Developing communication, teamwork and cooperation towards achieving project goals.
– Simplifying methods and procedures by; eliminating redundant features, updating standards, client requirements and project objectives.
– Considering not only the construction costs but also the life cycle costs associated with the project.
– Promoting innovation to achieve and deliver client requirements.
– Improving sustainability, team performance and resource optimisation without compromising quality.
– Identifying scope reductions and/or savings by eliminating unnecessary expenditure to provide an opportunity for the project to be within the current budget.