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Cost Planning

Davson+Ward’s cost planning team aims to accurately estimate the end cost of a project at early project design phases. We actively work and integrate with the design team and client to monitor and control project costs, maintaining alignment with the project budget.

Davson+Ward’s cost planning team take great pride in our accuracy. On average over the past 5 years our pre-tender estimates, have been within 3.5% of the tender result. This accuracy provides our clients with certainty that their needs and expectations can be achieved within their budget.

Throughout a projects design phase we closely monitor likely costs and regularly performing cost checks, reporting outcomes to the design team. This process avoids surprise cost fluctuations at cost reporting milestones.

Cost Planning services include:

– Preparation of preliminary and definitive budget estimates
– Preparation of cost plans based on schematic designs and design development drawings
– Provision of cost checks, cost statements, comparative cost studies and advice on modifications in design to maintain budgetary control during design, development and preparation of tender documents