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Maintenance Cost Planning

Guided by our value for money principles, Davson+Ward’s maintenance cost planning and expenditure services provide professional advice on whether it is more economical to upgrade, replace or refurbish a building rather than continuing to make ongoing repairs.

This is supported by our life cycle costings analysis which assesses each of these proposals and tests alternatives in terms of scope, timing and cost. When buildings are neglected, defects can occur which typically result in extensive and avoidable damage to the building fabric or its housed equipment. The purpose of our maintenance plan is to provide the most cost-effective way to maintain the value of your asset. Davson+Ward can guarantee the following advantages of our plan:

– The buildings services will be monitored and reviewed to ensure efficient use.
– Emergency corrective maintenance and subjective decision making is minimised.
– A systematic approach to organising and maintaining the property is employed rather than an ad-hoc approach.
– The standard of quality and presentation of the building will be maintained.